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[LAUL stands for LAtest SeoUL]

It's simple really, we just make what we want to wear. It happens that a lot of people want what we want too. We want you to effortlessly standout. We started out in South Korea, and because many k-pop stars wore our clothings, their influences drove people's attention towards us. We remember when Jogger pants were just a trend, now it's not just a trend it's a staple. Take a look at our pants, not only does it cater to most body figures, it adds a significant touch to your wardrobe.

Quality that we're Proud of
design philosophy

Our pants are designed for comfort. While maintaining the fit, it has a bit of stretch to have easier mobility. We currently manufacture all of our pieces in South Korea, and we make sure that the fabrics we use are good enough for us to wear.

Comfort and Style.

We only make what we're proud of